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Ravana Ella (Ravana Falls) Sri Lanka


The Ravana Ella cave lies 4,500 feet above sea level on the foundation of a cliff in Uva. This beautiful tourist location is at a 7 miles distance from Bandarawela. The spectacular Ravana Ella falls is a little more distant from here and is known to be one of the widest falls of Sri Lanka. The grandeur of the Ravana fall is its wild look amidst wilderness. Ravana Ella pours itself down to the Ella gorge. The water finds it course down in three stages for 9 metres and then curves itself in a stream. The Ravana Ella has its roots connected to the times of the famous eastern epic, Ramayana and it has been named after the brawny daemon ruler of Lanka, Ravana. It is said that after kidnapping Sita, Ravana had hidden her at the caves behind this waterfall when Shri Rama was drawing close to Lanka with his army to rescue her.

Image by www.kashyapatours.com f via FlickrThe cave came to be known as Ravana Ella cave. The place was then a thick afforested region in the midst of wilderness. Rama’s queen is believed to have wandered around here while she was confined. She also bathed in a pool that accumulated its eddying water from these Ravana Falls. It originates from the dense Wewatenna highland and amasses its water from a tributary of River Kirindi. Posited on the Ella-Wellawaya Road, the Ravana Ella falls is about 30 foot high and is perceptible from the main road. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is located in a strikingly beautiful backdrop of mountains and valleys and its water gushes down over many stairs. The place is a favoured stop to rest for pilgrims.

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