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Sinharaja Forest Reserve Sri Lanka


The sinharaja rainforest is most important forest in Sri Lanka. It is about 9000 hectares In extent. Over 60% of the tree species are found only in Sinharaja rainforest. Many of the plants are very rare.The sinharaja rainforest is the largest rainforest reserve in Sri Lanka. In 1989 UNESCO included this forest in the world heritage list, as the National Heritage of Sri Lanka.There are many rare animals, birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles and trees. These are very valuable things for the people. Sinharaja provides a habitat for animals. And also Sinharaja has beautiful waterfalls, hills, hills, flowers and rocks. Studied have recorded 147 species of birds in sinharaja.The average height of trees in the sinharaja veries between 35 to 40 meters. Some trees are above 50 meters.The sinharaja rain forest is a valuable source of people. So we must protect this as our eyes.

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