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Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a remarkable diversity of culture, languages, religion and the natural beauty. Discover the beauty of this tiny island with us, we will make your tour a memorable one for life time. Sri Lanka, the land of smiles & hospitality is world renowned for its inexplicable, friendly culture. Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, described as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ is located at the southern tip of India. Inherited with diverse landscapes, breathtaking picturesque & nature parks supported by a tropical climate, Sri Lanka certainly is a paradise Island. Sri Lanka has so much to offer with its palm fringed, golden sandy beaches, magnificent rivers & waterfalls & fascinating wild life either with wet- zone forests or dry- zone forests, it is truly an exploration of beauty & wonder bundled to one package. Due to the location of Sri Lanka, it has become a drop off point for long journeyed ships that pass thru Asia which has added more value to this beautiful island. Sri Lanka is also the proud title Holder to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, being bestowed with Cultural, Historical and Natural beautiful landscapes with value and diverse array of wildlife. History Sri Lanka has

About Us

My name is Dilshan, It would be my pleasure to be your personal guide to beautiful Sri Lanka! I have been touring Sri Lanka for the past 2 years. Touring is what I can do best, knowing every nock and corner of my beloved home country. So taking you on awonderful and exciting trip is my dedication.And how can you tour Sri Lanka with me?I offer packaged tours (w/link to tour pages) which might start anywhere you like.I can pick you up from your hotel anywhere on the island and start the tour from there or pick you up right at your arrival in Colombo.

I do have three "ready-made round tours" on offer though:

Friendly and personalized service guaranteed.

Thanking you, Dilshan